Zhongshan Jinting Plastic and Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

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        Zhongshan Jinting Plastic and Hardware Products Co., Ltd. for Taiwan invested enterprise group, the factory is located in zhongshan city in guangdong province in the pearl river delta hinterland, with 40 sets of imported large blow moulding equipment and advanced production technology, modern standard workshop of 30000 square meters, committed to the large blow molding products, water engineering the design of the product research and development, production and sales. Adhering to the "technical lead, the credibility of the first" for the purpose of customers at home and abroad to provide quality services.

        The company can manufacture the maximum weight can achieve a blow 25 kg. Can make cars such as before and after bumper ABS blow molding. Has the advanced wall thickness control system.

        Welcome all the customers to sample processing, undertake ODM and OEM cooperation.

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